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Mission Manor
4125 Thompson Suite 9
Kansas City, KS 66103
Phone: 913-262-7632
Fax: 913-262-7634

Directions: From I-35 north, exit Mission Road and stay to the right. At the top of the hill turn left on 42nd. Office is on the right.

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      Twin City State Bank
    1906 West 43rd Avenue
    Kansas City, KS 66103
    Industry: State commercial banks
    Phone: (913) 362-5350


      Rainbow Ridge Association LP
    3550 Rainbow Boulevard
    Kansas City, KS 66103
    Industry: Nonresidential building operators
    Phone: (913) 432-6790


      Johnson Medical Center Apartments
    3801 Booth
    Kansas City, KS 66103
    Industry: Apartment building operators
    Phone: (913) 262-9020


      Suntree Properties LLC
    3040 Suntree Plaza
    Kansas City, KS 66103
    Industry: Apartment building operators
    Phone: (913) 432-3117


      Hoffman Management Corporation
    1140 Adams Street
    Kansas City, KS 66103
    Industry: Real estate agents and managers
    Phone: (913) 281-5900


      Rainbow Village Management
    501 Southwest Boulevard
    Kansas City, KS 66103
    Industry: Hotels and motels
    Phone: (913) 677-3060


      Riojas Enterprises, Inc.
    10 East Cambridge Circle Drive
    Kansas City, KS 66103
    Industry: Help supply services
    Phone: (913) 281-1600


      Chroma-Communications, Inc.
    114 Abbie Street
    Kansas City, KS 66103
    Industry: Photo-finish laboratories
    Phone: (913) 247-6624


      Modern Business Systems
    1220 West Cambridge Circle
    Kansas City, KS 66103
    Industry: Repair services, misc
    Phone: (913) 371-8080


      Kansas University Psychiatric Foundation
    3901 Rainbow Boulevard
    Kansas City, KS 66103
    Industry: Offices and clinics of medical doctors
    Phone: (913) 588-6402


      Wyandot Mental Health Center
    3615 Eaton Street
    Kansas City, KS 66103
    Industry: Offices and clinics of medical doctors
    Phone: (913) 831-9500


      Rainbow Mental Health Facility
    2205 West 36th Avenue
    Kansas City, KS 66103
    Industry: General medical and surgical hospitals
    Phone: (913) 384-1880


      Christian Foundation For Children
    1 Elmwood Avenue
    Kansas City, KS 66103
    Industry: Social services, misc
    Phone: (913) 384-6500


      Joseph Wallace & Association PC
    10 East Cambridge Drive
    Kansas City, KS 66103
    Industry: Accounting, auditing, and bookkeeping
    Phone: (913) 321-6633

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